Long term rental


Rent instead of buying - our flexible e-bike rental offer

Your advantages:

  • Rental period possible from 1 month
  • Flexible monthly extension
  • Subsequent purchase possible
  • Pick-up at over 20 locations throughout Switzerland
  • The latest Tour de Suisse and FLYER models
  • Uncomplicated contract and fair rental prices
  • NEW - Home delivery possible


  • Theft (burglary, robbery, simple theft)
    • Excess: CHF 500.00
  • Injury or collision damage (damage caused by sudden and powerful external influences)
    • Excess: CHF 200.00
Exclusions on the insurance
  • General wear and tear as well as maintenance costs (for example damage to tyres and tubes, flat tyres, etc.)

Price overview

Interesting facts

Rent a Bike offers long-term rentals for various types of e-bikes. You benefit from current models of the Swiss brands FLYER and Tour de Suisse Rad and an unbeatable price-performance ratio. You have full flexibility and can take over the rented e-bike after the rental.

Scope of long-term rental

  • Rental period for the desired e-bike
  • Rental contract with: Personal data, rental period, pick-up location, rental costs
  • Provision of the e-bike, as well as instruction at the pick-up location
  • for the S-pedelecs 45 km/h, also the redemption incl. liability insurance (yellow number plate)
  • Operating instructions and charger


If you would like to extend the long-term rental, write us an e-mail at info@rentabike.ch with the booking number and the desired extension. You will then receive an invoice.


You will find a detailed description of the products underneath. If they are second-hand models, they will go through the expert service before being rented out.

Pick-up locations:

Rent a Bike: Willisau, Romanshorn, Murten, Locarno

Basel, Velostation; Bellinzona, BikePort; Bern, Bahnhof SBB; Biel/Bienne - Bahnhof SBB; Chur - Bahnhof SBB; Genève - Gare CFF; Kreuzlingen - Bahnhof SBB; Lausanne - Gare CFF; Luzern - Bahnhof SBB; Sargans - Bahnhof SBB; Schaffhausen - Bahnhof SBB; Solothurn - Bahnhof SBB; St. Gallen - Bahnhof SBB; Thun - Bahnhof SBB; Winterthur - Bahnhof SBB / Velostation; Zürich - Bahnhof SBB

Home delivery:

We now offer home delivery to the pick-up locations. Home delivery can be selected in the order process. Home delivery per way 60 CHF for 1 e-bike, 75 CHF for 2 or more e-bikes.
We will notify you of the approximate time before delivery. You will be informed of the detailed delivery window one day before delivery. The rental and home delivery will be invoiced in arrears.
We will notify you again for the return delivery.

How it works

  1. Fill out the order form to reserve your selected e-bike. You agree that you are eligible (at least 18 years of age; for a 45km/h S-pedelec, holder of a Class M license at least) and accept our long-term rental Terms and Conditions.

  2. We will send you confirmation after verification of right to benefit. It will take approx. 5 working days to prepare your e-bike.

  3. You pick up your e-bike at the pick-up points.  RAB Murten, Romanshorn, Willisau or at one of the SBB stations. Please note the pick-up location in the remark. The agreed long-term rental period must be paid in advance. (Cash or Maestro/Postcard)
    Or you can take home delivery (from CHF 60 / e-bike) as an option. Payment is made on account.


Can I purchase the bike after renting it?
You can purchase the bike after renting it. The price will be calculated on the basis of the e-bike’s age and mileage. Part of the rental price will be credited to the purchase price.

Can I extend the rental period?
Yes, you can extend the rental period at any time. The additional rental fee will be at the same rate if it is the same vehicle.

How can I pay for the e-bike long-term rental?
We accept cash and payment via Maestro/Postcard.

Where can I collect the e-bike?
You can collect your e-bike at our shop in Willisau, Murten or Romanshorn.

What are the requirements for renting an S-Pedelec (45km/h)?
The minimum age for Rent a Bike long-term rental is 18. To rent an S-Pedelec 45km/h, a Class M driver’s license is required at least (or car driver's license).

E-bikes – legal aspects

Various regulations were adapted in 2012 in order to keep up with the technical development of e-bikes and to increase safety. An e-bike is legally regarded as a “motor-assisted bicycle” Art. 18 of Regulations on the Technical Demands for Road Vehicles (VTS). The differences are as follows:

  • Motor-assisted bicycles (Art. 18 para. b no. 1 Regulations on the Technical Demands for Road Vehicles (VTS)) i.e. one-seater electric bicycles with a maximum power of 0.5 KW, achievable without muscle power (i.e. via pure engine power) and a “construction determined” maximum speed up of up to 20 km/h, and that can reach a speed of up to a maximum of 25 km/h with pedal assistance;
  • Other motor-assisted bicycles (Art. 18 para. a no. 2 Regulations on the Technical Demands for Road Vehicles (VTS)) i.e. one-seater, single-track electric bicycles with a maximum power of 1 KW and a “construction determined” maximum speed of up to 30 km/h, and that can reach a speed of up to a maximum of 45 km/h with pedal assistance.

The rules have been clearly summarised by FEDRO (ASTRO in the following leaflet

E-bike leasing

E-bike leasing and financing are in vogue. We offer attractive long-term rentals instead of the classic leasing. Your advantages over leasing are:

  • the high flexibility (model change possible at any time)
  • short maturities from 1 month
  • Terms that can be adjusted at any time
  • attractive rent/purchase opportunities