Frequently Asked Questions
Where do I pay the rental fee?
The total rental sum must always be paid at the rental station. Invoices are not issued.
When do I get a group discount?

Groups receive a 10% discount on the basic pric for 10 or more people who pay.
Discounts cannot be accumulated. No discount on return transport. Rail tickets, vouchers, promotions, etc. will not count.

No more battery replacement necessary.

Thanks to the larger battery capacity (750Wh previously 540Wh), it is no longer necessary to change the battery. If you are running short of power, you can take a short break at the battery charging stations to recharge the battery. The battery charging stations are listed in the tour descriptions

For trips lasting several days, one charger per e-bike is included. In addition, a basket is mounted on every Herzrouten e-bike, practical for stowing a daypack. Sagoschen can still be mounted.

How old does my child have to be to be carried in the child seat?
Child seats are suitable for children from approx. 1 year of age (9-22kg) who can sit up without help.
Can I bring my own trailer?

As a matter of principle customers' own trailers or child seats/equipment may not be
attached to Rent a Bike bicycles.

The hirer is liable for any damages to the bicycle caused by manipulation - see GTC.

Where can I rent Child seats?
Child seats can be rented at a number of stations (free - please reserve). Child seats are only available on the Heart Route if booked well in advance (Tel. +41 41 921 05 75).
Can the rental bike be transported by public transport from the long-term rental?

In principle, the bike from the long-term rental can be transported by public transport if the railway system allows this. To do this, you must first enquire at

Long-term rental cannot be transported free of charge on the train. You will need your own bike ticket for this.

Further information on the bicycle transport

Long term rentals

We also offer long-term rentals from one month. The complete offer can be found here:

Long term rentals

Payment options
The payment options per station vary. Please check under the stations to find the accepted payment methods. If nothing is listed, the station accepts cash and EC-/Postcard.
Do we accept the junior carte from SBB?

Rent a Bike accepts Junior Cards.

With the SBB Junior Card, children up to the age of 16 receive a 50% discount on rented accommodation (repatriation fee cannot be discounted) if at least one parent rents a bike. Parents pay the basic price. The Junior Card is only valid for the following price category: Velo / Mountainbike -V-Brake. Discount cumulation is not possible. Railbon, vouchers, promotions, etc. are not creditable.

Price list

Does Rent a Bike also have offers in combination with train services?

Combined RailAway offers are available from SBB. You can purchase them directly on line. Please reserve the bicycle at before making your purchase.

SBB / RailAway

Are RailAway offers valid throughout the whole of Switzerland?

RailAway offers only apply to the routes stated in the offer.

SBB / RailAway

Where can I get combi-offers with a rail ticket?

Combined RailAway offers are available from SBB. You can purchase them directly online. Please reserve the bicycle at before making your purchase. RailAway offers only apply to the routes stated in the offer.

Where can I find guided tours?

Rent a Bike does not offer guided tours, can however help you to find local guides.
Our partner also offers packages.  

What does "rent 1 day" mean?
1 day = 1 calendar day, not 24 hours (collection in the morning, return in the evening).
How can I extend a RailCheck or voucher?

Please send the RailCheck and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: 

Rent a Bike AG, Steinmatt 1, 6130 Willisau

and you will recieve a new RailCheck (one time only).

Where can I redeem the Smart-Box?
See the booklet in the Smart-Box for information on possible locations where the Smart-Box can be redeemed.
Do I have to state that I have a Smart-Box during reservation?
No you can mention it when you have to pay at the rental station.
What does standard rate mean?
Standard rate means the price for customers who do not have a subscription (half-price ticket, GA, etc.). RailBons and vouchers must always be deducted from the standard rate.
How much does it cost to rent a bike?
See price-list for information on prices.
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