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How to...

  1. Choose your pick and return station
  2. Choose your date from/to
  3. 1/2-day: from/to 13:30h (not possible if you return your bike at another station)
  4. Choose your biketype and number (column with/without SwissPass)
  5. Confirm minimum age (e-bikes)
  6. Enter contact and mail
  7. Confirm GTC (error)
  8. Confirm+finished - enjoy it!


Please book your bike in advance. You can annulate your reservation within 24h before your departure (by phone at the pick-station). You pay before you start at your pick-station. Here you get discounts.

Free helmet to rent

If you rent a bike, you can borrow a Suva helmet for free.


winter operation

Most rental stations rent also in wintertime bikes, the service is limited. Check before you plan: Willisau for exempel is open (mo-fri) and rent all types of bikes, for example Fatbikes. Funny tours in snow landscape is guaranteed. The heart route is closed. It will be reopened 29.03.2018 (before Eastern Holiday).


Thanks a lot for your reservation and your participation. The winners are: 1st: Erwin St., Brienz2nd/3rd: Sonja P. aus Kilchberg und Erwin K. aus Wängi

New station in the Val-de-Travers

There is a new rental station at Robella in Buttes, Val-de-Travers, with a fleet of mountainbikes and e-mountainbikes.  No matter what age or if you're a sport crack or an aficionado - the unique landscape and the breathtaking views from the Jura ridge will fascinate everyone. MTB map

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