Reservation empfohlen:

Wir bitten Sie, eine Reservation zu machen, damit die Abwicklung vor Ort schneller geht. Sie können die Buchung bis 48h im Voraus kostenlos stornieren. Weitere Infos zur Abwicklung finden Sie hier.

Zu den AGB's.



Eine Übersicht der verfügbaren Objekte können Sie auch über unseren Belegungskalender abfragen.
Bitte oben die gewünschte Station auswählen und dann kanns losgehen.

Information Rental

Price overview:

In the reservation process you will always see the costs. On the detailed price list you can also see the multi-day prices and the different price categories of the bikes. Price overview

Rental process:

  1. Select pick-up and drop-off station
  2. Enter date from/to
  3. Select rental objects and number
  4. Additional objects can be selected (helmets), select quantity
  5. Select tariff: Normal fare or half fare
  6. Enter personal login or register
  7. Enter / check contact details incl. e-mail
  8. Check summary, confirm terms and conditions and data protection
  9. Book now - booking will be triggered and confirmed by e-mail


Please book your bike in advance. You can annulate your reservation within 48h before your departure (by phone at the pick-station). You pay before you start at your pick-station. Cash or by card.

Helmet to rent:

Bicycle helmets can be rented spontaneous at every station from CHF 5.00 per day.

No more battery replacement necessary.

Thanks to the larger battery capacity (750Wh previously 540Wh), it is no longer necessary to change the battery. If you are running short of power, you can take a short break at the battery charging stations to recharge the battery. The battery charging stations are listed in the tour descriptions

For trips lasting several days, one charger per e-bike is included. In addition, a basket is mounted on every Herzrouten e-bike, practical for stowing a daypack. Sagoschen can still be mounted.