Safety rules and code

Safety means doing things together and not competing. 

  • Wear a well fitting cycle helmet that conforms to the EN 1078 norm.
  • Make sure you are clearly visible.
  • Cycle cautiously and with consideration for others. 
  • At roundabouts, cyclists are allowed to deviate from the rule of keeping on the right and can use the middle of the carriageway. Click here for the video.
  • Please be aware of who has priority.

Safely under way with e-bikes

E-bikes are increasingly popular - but accidents with electrical bicycles are also on the increase. The following tips should help you to cycle safely when renting an e-bike: 

  • Always wear a helmet. When riding a rapid e-bike with pedal assist up to e45 km/h, cycling helmets are obligatory. 
  • E-bikes operate differently from traditional bicycles. So you should familiarise yourself with the technology. 
  • Make yourself clearly visible. Your light should be on even when cycling by day. For your cycling wear, it is a good idea to choose bright colours and reflective materials. 
  • Pay particular attention when using an e-bike, and look ahead. Have regard to other road users and be aware that they are likely to underestimate your speed. 
  • Cycle at an appropriate speed, and be aware of the distance yu need to come to a stop (especially with child carrier attachments).

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Safely under way with children

Children like cycling. Among sporting activities for 10 to 14 year olds, cycling is top of the list. And even the smallest children enjoy propelling themselves forward with the help of support wheels. Several thousand children every year, however, come off the road when cycling and hurt themselves - and accidents to the head are the commonest form of injury. 
A few tips:
  • Children should always wear a helmet - even when cycling short distances. 
  • As a preparation for proper cycling, it is a good idea to practise with support wheels. 
  • Practise the specific cycling skills your child needs to acquire in a protected environment. 
  • Have the bicycles properly maintained by a professional. 
  • In road traffic, child cycles must have the equipment prescribed by law. 
  • Information on child transport by bicycle: here.